QBSW understands training of client’s personnel as a significant component of successful project realization. Trainings delivered by QBSW and our partners will help client’s personnel to become self-sufficient in operation and maintenance of the new information system. We will deliver training to the key users of the system, system administrators and the key IT technical personnel.

Trainings during the project

Regular trainings during the whole project's lifecycle play the key role in transferring our knowledge of the new information system to the client. For all projects we exactly define categories of future users and prepare necessary trainings for them.

Upon agreement we deliver trainings on-site or off-site in the local language (user training) and local language and English language for technical training.

Quality of training

All courses are worked out by QBSW or partner’s training specialists and trained by training specialists or other qualified persons. Our training best practices include the use of professionals working in the similar environment and on the similar projects. These professionals are training lecturers or responsible for training materials preparation. Lecturers are experienced professionals who ensure the highest quality of the provided training courses. Our courses will be oriented to hands-on experience in the subject matter and also to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge.





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