Development of software solutions requires not only technological know-how and creativity of developers, but mainly reliable technologies and right implementation platform. We use only internationally recognized, quality, secure and reliable information and communication technologies for development of all software solutions of information systems.

Our technological partners provide us with access to the latest technological releases that makes our work and also work of our clients faster and efficient. Moreover, new technologies help us to provide our clients with more added values.  

Financial management information systems for the State Treasuries combine modern technologies and long-term know-how and so can be characterized as

  • Modular systems– customizable to individual needs of clients and possibility of future development and enhancement.
  • Open systems – standard interfaces enables communication with external systems of any type
  • Parametrizable systems – adjustment of the most important parameters of all applications allows our clients to flexibly react on changes
  • Multilingual systems –  multilingual application enviroment individually adjustable for eqach user

Used technologies for QBSW State Treasury applications

All QBSW front- and back-office applications have been built using modern open industry standards. Namely - Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Oracle solutions.

Front-office applications - main technological aspects:

  • Architecture
    • Database applications with an Internet interface, executed using through 3-layer architecture: thin client-application server-database server
  • Database layer solution
    • Oracle RDBMS
  • Application layer solution
    • Oracle iAS, Oracle iAS J2EE & webcache, Oracle iAS BI - variety of application servers to ensure high availability
    • Business logics developed using J2EE on Oracle J2EE platform - servlets, JSP, Enterprise Java Beans
  • Thin client
    • Client's access to the application is modelled on standard Internet browser technology. This substantially reduces infrastructure costs.


Back-office applications - main technological aspects:

  • Architecture
    • Database applications with an Internet interface, executed using through client/server architecture
  • Database layer solution
    • Oracle RDBMS, business logic created by PL/SQL
  • Application system solution
    • Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports executed on terminal server and accessible via Internet browser technology
  • Client access
    • Client installation of Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
    • Web access to Oracle Forms client via web browser


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