Support & Maintenance is a complex set of services related to operation support and maintenance of delivered software solutions of information systems. QBSW and its partners deliver these services in various ways - most common are primary and secondary support and maintenance.

Primary Support & Maintenance

HelpDesk, as the main tool of the primary Support & Maintenance, provides our client with a single point of contact with us during the contract period. This single point of contact provides general information about the information system, responds to client's requests, logs problems and has first responsibility for problem determination.

Main areas of primary support and maintenance

  • Assistance in use of the Software – solving and answering problems and questions related to use of the Software reported to Help Desk
  • Technical assistance - solving and answering technical problems and questions related to the Software reported to Help Desk.
  • Set-up and Configuration maintenance - solving and answering problems and questions related to set-up and configuration of the Software reported to Help Desk.

Secondary Support and Maintenance

Main areas of secondary support and maintenance

Fault fixing services

Analytical, designing, programming and testing works to localize and fix reported faults that result from incorrect functioning of the delivered software. Fault fixes will be distributed to the Client in one of the following forms

  • Application intervention
  • Data intervention
  • Emergency release
  • New version
  • Maintenance releases which cover changes in underlying environmental S/W and enhancements

Actualization and enhancement

Actualization and enhancements for the delivered software with respect to the basic existing functionality and user interfaces. Actualization and enhancements will be provided by analytical, designing, programming and testing works and will result in change in the source code or internal system parameters of the Software to ensure its quality, adaptation to environment changes and improving performance.

Following aspects will be covered by actualization and enhancement services

  • Adequate adaptations to changes in regulatory and legal requirements requested by the Client
  • Technological enhancements to assure compatibility with latest hardware and software releases if requested by the Client
  • Upgrade of interfaces in accordance with the application software

Other support and maintenance services

On-site consultancy services

We are ready to provide the Client with on-site consultancy services by experts in the specific area for expending resolutions for mission critical problems. On-site consultations we provide at Client premises for those problems that cannot be solved through the telephone conversation or other king of off-site consultation.

Documentation actualization

During the Support period, QBSW and partners will regularly provide the Client actualized documentation for the delivered Software. Documentation will be actualized once the new version of the Software is released.

Dissemination of information related to the Support and Maintenance

QBSW and partners will provide the Client with all necessary information related to providing the Support services. Such information will be accessible by the Help Desk and will
comprise of:

  • Alerts on critical failures
  • Providing information about new versions and fault fixes
  • Product support news
  • Centralized summary information all faults fixed in various versions with various keywords

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