Spending and Collecting agencies – Starting point

Spending agencies are responsible for budget execution/implementation within the budget appropriations set by the Parliament and any further expenditure limits, in accordance with the agreed program outputs and objectives. Revenue Collecting Agencies are responsible for ensuring that all revenues are actually collected when due and into specifically designated account(s) in accordance with prescribed financial regulations.

Employees of Spending/Collecting Agencies examine this responsibility through many different tasks. Software solutions help Spending Agencies to increase accountability and transparency of these tasks and, on the other hand, make them more efficient. 

Software solutions help them to automate mainly the following tasks:

  • Budget Tasks
    • Entering quotas (warrants) for subordinate organizations
    • Apportionments (distribution of appropriations)
    • Processing appropriation transfers/virements requests
  • Budgetary (and Extra-Budgetary) Funds Execution Tasks
    • Vendor and Contract administration
    • Requisitioning Goods and Services (Commitment Entry Requisitions)
    • Registration and authorization of claims
    • Entering payment requests
    • Cash transfers realization
    • Monitoring bank accounts (balances, payments)
  • Communication
    • Communication with subordinate and superior spending/collecting agencies
    • Communication with the Treasury
  • Reporting Tasks
    • Generating reports
    • Viewing reports

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