QBSW Financial Planning

QBSW Financial Planning is designed to make management of public finances more efficient by minimizing the cost of funding. It allows the Treasury to make the best use of resources available.

QBSW Financial Planning addresses the following processes:


Key features and functions

QBSW Financial Planning includes a full set of analytical tools for financial expenditure and revenue future estimates and robust financial requirements forecasting. In addition, it provides analysis on the current budget’s expenditure and revenue plans.

External systems and internal modules communicating with the Treasury system provide the State Treasury necessary information required for proactive management of funds and liquidity. This information is provided either by the internal systems, (automatically in on-line mode or manually), or by external systems (manually by data files). All data is recorded by economic classification codes on a period basis. In QBSW Financial Management the provided collated data is analysed and then integrated in order to create comprehensive forecasts for revenues, expenditures and expected Treasury Single Account (TSA) balance.

Cash position forecast data are integrated with the Debt Management and Capital Market systems to identify effective methodology for both funding requirements or/and investment strategies. The system runs analytical reports of the data to provide the TSA management with critical information to ensure the availability of accurate funding requirements to cover budgetary expenditure, revenues receipts and identify residual unutilised cash balances available for short term investment or/and overnight market transactions to maximise returns.

Design and Technology

Database application with an Internet interface, executed through client/server architecture, makes QBSW Financial Planning a modular open system that provides easy integration with information systems for debt, aid, and liquidity management.

Furthermore, sophisticated design of QBSW Financial Planning helps us in reasonable time to provide our clients with customized solution reflecting all legal particularities and their individual requirements.


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