QBSW Expenditure Management

QBSW Expenditure Management is an integral part of complex solution for better public expenditure management. Its main goal is to ensure transparency and accountability so that limited budget resources are efficiently allocated for the right purposes, in the right time and to the right recipients.

QBSW Expenditure Management addresses the following processes:


Key features

QBSW Expenditure Management is used for realization of the Treasury client’s (non-profit, contributory or other public organizations) expenditure and revenue cycle (from planning to payment realization). This application is in the role of intermediary between the Treasury, organization distributing state budget resources, and individual non-profit organizations that are allowed to spend relevant part of these resources.   

Clients, whose virtual or real bank accounts are opened in the Treasury, use QBSW Expenditure Management as a internet banking in order to define spending purposes and sending payments to recipients for authorized purposes.

The Treasury Single Account system allows to use such internet banking system also for execution of extra-budgetary funds of clients.

Main functions

  • Overview of appropriations for revenues and expenditures at all levels of defined classifications
  • Overview of quotas for each period
  • Recording and adjusting plans (parameters) of future expenditures and revenues
  • Approving plans according to funds availability
  • Recording and approving commitment entry requests according to funds availability and presented documentary proof
  • Recording and approving requests for payment (payment orders) according to funds availability and presented documentary proof
  • Client bank accounts –  administration  bank  accounts,  transactions overview
  • Access to predefined special operations
  • Execution of extra-budgetary funds
  • Providing communication with the Treasury – short notices, free-format requests
  • Generating reports for all transactions supported by the system

Design and Technology

The three-layer architecture and modern technologies - J2EE, Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server used for its development make QBSW Expenditure Management a modular open system that provides easy integration with information systems for budgeting, payment execution and accounting.

Furthermore, sophisticated design of QBSW Expenditure Management helps us in reasonable time to provide our clients with customized solution reflecting all legal particularities and their individual requirements.


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