QBSW Budget Preparation

QBSW Budget Preparation offers a flexible, detailed and accurate way of supporting all complex budget preparation processes and involving all relevant budget agencies. It provides comprehensive tool for budget planning, forecasting and reporting helping to improve predictability of financial performance.

QBSW Budget Preparation addresses the following processes:

Key features

QBSW Budget Preparation provides government with a comprehensive tool for budget planning, automating and streamlining processes of budget instructions (overall budget structure and strategies for budget structure breakdown) and ceilings (limitations for the lower lever budget agencies) definition.

Its role is not only determination of budget appropriation, but also setting policies for their determination. In order to bring consistency in the picture at Budget Preparation stage QBSW Budget Preparation offers planning, where a medium to long-range view of future is taken and all policies envisaged are brought together.

Online and real time characteristics of the QBSW Budget Preparation helps to always have actual information about progress in budget preparation and further to control it. The system strictly enforces top-down and also bottom-up consistency. 

Main functions

  • Budget Structure creation and administration
    • Budget Chapters administration and their further breakdown
    • Budget Chapter Code-lists administration from various perspectives (various functional and type classifications)
    • Support for Linear and Program Budgeting
    • Budget year and calendar constraints definition
  • Limits – Budgetary Ceilings
    • Setting Limits for line ministries and their subordinate organizational units
    • Limits Break-down at particular Classifications and Programs
    • Limits Actualization and Overview
  • Budget Preparation
    • Allowing budget scenarios and "what-if" analysis
    • Apportioning approved budget for ministries, broken down to the detailed level of economic classifications and apportioned over time
    • Allotment of funds to spending agencies and their subordinate agencies
    • Budget Items recording, canceling and adjusting (by amount allocation to particular sub-items of the Budgetary Classification)
    • Control of the Budget Amount in face of existing Limits
      Parallel preparation and maintenance of Budget Versions
    • Approval process of the chosen Budget Version by many decision makers at many levels
    • Iterative Budget modifications until the final Budget Approval
    • Medium Term Financial Plans creation for multi-year budget planning
    • Reporting – Budget overviews from various views
    • Setting Temporary Financing
    • Supplementary Budget Drafting (for new organizations)

Design and Technology

The three-layer architecture and modern technologies - J2EE, Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server used for its development make QBSW Budget Preparation a modular open system that provides easy integration with other information systems.

Furthermore, sophisticated design of QBSW Budget Preparation helps us in reasonable time to provide our clients with customized solution reflecting all legal particularities and their individual requirements.


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