QBSW Budget Management

QBSW Budget Management is an application covering all functionality of appropriation adjustments and quota adjustments and distribution.

QBSW Budget Management addresses the following processes:


Key features


QBSW Budget Management is dedicated to administration of appropriations and quotas by Spending and Collecting agencies, but part of functionality is developed exclusively for representatives of the Treasury. It enables to monitor and execute various operations concerning appropriations and their adjustments and to handle quotas related to appropriations as well.

Application manages appropriations of all organizations involved in the budget execution process. Appropriation is a part of budget approved by government to cover expenses of organization throughout the particular budget year. The application preserves all appropriations, offers information about the appropriations to users and keeps track of history of each appropriation from its import to the system till the end of the budget year for which they are intended. It also enables to adjust appropriations during budget year through various Appropriation Adjustment Requests.

Main functions

  • *
  • Budget Adjustment Request creation by user at any hierarchical level
  • Budget Adjustment types and rules predefinition
  • Distribution of quotas to organizations on lower levels necessary to execution of expenditures based on expenditure appropriations
  • Identification of Budget Adjustment approval necessity, based on predefined rules on all hierarchical levels
  • *Approval process of adjustment requests
  • Automated - based on defined rules
  • By many decision makers at many levels
  • Budget Adjustments Reviews from various views
  • Support for both types of budgeting - line budgeting and program budgeting

Design and Technology

The three-layer architecture and modern technologies - J2EE, Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server used for its development make QBSW Budget Management a modular open system that provides easy integration with information systems for budget execution.

Furthermore, sophisticated design of QBSW Budget Management helps us in reasonable time to provide our clients with customized solution reflecting all legal particularities and their individual requirements.

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