QBSW Accounts Management

QBSW Account Management is intended to simplify and streamline payments and significantly reduce debt service and transaction costs. Minimization of time between reception of financial funds on TSA (Treasury Single Account) and their availability for authorized expenditure payments is the main source of saving.

QBSW Accounts Management addresses the following processes:


Key features

QBSW Accounts Management is a "back-office" application intended for the central Treasury. Virtual or real evidence accounts, opened only for the State Treasury clients, provide functions similar to bank accounts in commercial banks. Clients may manage their financial funds on these accounts only up to the given limits and for actions approved in the QBSW Expenditure Management application.

These accounts may also be used for management of extra-budgetary funds of the Treasury clients.

Main functions

  • Client's data  and characteristics evidence and administration
  • Accounts administration
    • Opening and administration of virtual or real registering Accounts for Clients
    • Accounts opening based on predefined Products
    • Client‘s accounts characteristics registration
    • Reviewing Transactions realized on Client Accounts
  • Transactions
    • Processing of credit and debit Transactions during the closing process based on Payment Orders entered by means of the QBSW Expenditure Management and Content of incoming QBSW Payment System batch file
    • Generating Clients‘ accounts bank statements in required form (XML, PDF, TXT, printed version)
    • Management of closing processes - Automated/Manual run in different periods
    • Identification of Transactions for aggregation and export to the external Accounting system
  • Payment Execution
    • Execution of Payment Orders entered by Client in QBSW Expenditure Management module
    • Automated real-time Payment Order processing for local payments – payments between accounts administered by QBSW Accounts Management module
    • Identification of outside bank Payment Orders – other than QBSW Account Management accounts
    • Communication of outside bank Payment Orders with external payment systems though QBSW Payment Interface

Design and Technology

Database application with an Internet interface, executed through client/server architecture, makes QBSW Accounts Management a modular open system that provides easy integration with information systems for expenditure execution and accounting.

Furthermore, sophisticated design of QBSW Accounts Management helps us in reasonable time to provide our clients with customized solution reflecting all legal particularities and their individual requirements.


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