Treasury Management

Effective management of public finance liquidity and state debt, streamlining the payment procedure, improvement of the payment system and carrying out consistent control of public expenditures are important goals of governments.

QBSW Treasury Management provides software solutions for centralization of public organizations‘ bank accounts balances in the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system, executing payments, forecasting government's liquidity, and managing budget execution activities of spending and collecting agencies.

QBSW Treasury Management consists of the following modules:

  • QBSW Accounts Management - intended to simplify and streamline payments and significantly reduce debt service and transaction costs.
  • QBSW Payment Interface - provides input / output interface between QBSW Account Management and clearing operators for domestic and cross-border settlements.
  • QBSW Initial Quotas - intended to generation and management of initial quotas (warrants) for line ministries and to overview their appropriations.
  • QBSW Financial Planning - designed to make management of public finances more efficient by minimizing the cost of funding. It allows State Treasury to make best use of resources available.
  • QBSW Accounts Payable and Receivable CTA - provides the Treasury with a central analytical tool of documents relevant to accounts payable and accounts receivable registered by spending agencies.

These applications are developed as back-office systems primarily for users at the central Treasury.

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