Budget Expenditures

Proper management of budget expenditures is an important assumption of efficient spending of public finances. During course of the year, spending agencies perform their daily activities, which result in using public funds from the state budget by procuring of goods and services and paying wages to their employees.

As the state budget has limited funds, it is necessary to ensure that each spending agency is allowed to spend only funds authorized in the budget and only for given purposes. Monitoring of public expenditures is also essential for estimating public financial needs for the future periods.

QBSW Budget Expenditure Execution provides software solutions for these processes and consists of the following modules:


  • QBSW Expenditure Management - QBSW Expenditure Management is an integral part of complex solution for better public expenditure management. Its main goal is to ensure transparency and accountability so that limited budget resources are efficiently allocated for the right purposes, in the right time and to the right recipients.
  • QBSW Accounts Payable and Receivable – evidence tool for registering documents relevant to accounts payable and accounts receivable. This information is necessary commitment requests and payment orders.


These applications are developed primarily for end-users of spending and collecting agencies.




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