State Treasury Information System (Slovakia)


QBSW cooperates with HP on realization of the State Treasury Information System for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. QBSW participates on this project as a supplier of key modules providing support for public finance administration and management.

The State Treasury Information System is a project of the Ministry of Finance introduced to optimize management of public finances, support financial policy objectives, maintain state liquidity and debt with minimum costs, streamline and secure public payments. The information system provides all budgetary beneficiaries with secure and transparent management of bank accounts and payment execution at favourable cost. Direct connections between available budget and planned expenditures helped to make processes of budget preparation and budget execution control more efficient.  

This project has been led by Hewlett-Packard as a system integrator. QBSW has participated as a supplier of key modules providing support for public finances administration and management for the system. In addition to delivery of key modules, QBSW have been delivering customization, configuration, further development, consulting, support and maintenance, documentation, and training services

State Treasury Information System modules delivered by QBSW:
- ManEx
® – based on QBSW Expenditure Management
- AccoMan – based on QBSW Accounts Management
- PayEx® – based on QBSW Payment Interface
- PlarEx® – based on QBSW Financial Planning
- UseMan®*

About the State Treasury

The State Treasury was founded on January 1, 2003 as a new public institution. It is a modern system for complex public finance management, cash management, debt management, and investments of short-term cash surpluses. It also provides solution for centralization of payments, execution of public budget, administration of accounts payable and accounts receivable, and daily liquidity of TSA. 

Moreover, the State Treasury maintains complex evidence of public economic information and ratios.

Since its beginning, the State Treasury has become on of the biggest financial institution in the Slovak Republic that registers more than 1700 beneficiaries (clients) – more that 6000 active users of the State Treasury Information System at the present time. The State Treasury executes tenths of millions of financial transactions per a year and executes almost every fourth clearing operation in Slovakia. 



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* ManEx®, PayEx®, PlarEx® , UseMan® are the Registered Trade Marks of QBSW,a.s. in Slovakia.


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