Compliance with standards


World Bank Treasury Reference Model

QBSW is capable of implementing its State Treasury solutions to comply with the World Bank Treasury Reference Model (WB TRM).

The WB TRM is a development tool for fiscal managers and system developers which will help to implement good practices in fiscal accounting and expenditure control and give guidance on meeting standards prescribed under various international standards and codes.  To Bank task managers and Software designers, WB TRM gives guidelines for the design of computerized Treasury systems for governments.

WB TRM was published to facilitate the process of designing a treasury system project and preparing technical specifications for a tender document that will meet World Bank procurement standards.

By incorporating standard design features and best practices drawn from a range of international experience, the model also aims to improve the quality of specifications and provide key inputs into institutional reform processes.  TRM could also assist in evaluating goodness of fit of different treasury software applications and thus facilitate system procurement and implementation.



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