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QBSW became a partner of SAP Slovakia

QBSW is continuously improving its technological know – how and building up new cooperations with successful global companies providing unique IT solutions. One example of such companies is an international corporation SAP. At the end of June 2013, QBSW signed contract with SAP Slovakia about SAP Extended Business Program partnership.

Under the SAP Extended Business Program QBSW gains an access to tools, resources and products of SAP that simplifies to obtain additional expertise and technological skills primarily in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.  

QBSW with SAP Partnership continues in fulfilling of its strategic objectives, which include continuous improvement the quality of IT services and software solutions. Thanks to this partnership QBSW can deliver high quality IT solutions that increase customer satisfaction and optimally reflect customers' requirements.

About SAP

SAP logoThe German corporation SAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of business software applications, which helps companies of all sized and industries to cooperate and use corporate information more effectively and efficiently, so they can run better. SAP solutions' portfolio supports the unique business processes of more than 25 industries, including high tech, healthcare, business, public administration and finance. SAP has subsidiaries in over 50 countries, including Slovakia, where is operating as SAP Slovakia since 1998. SAP solutions are fully localized for the Slovak language and legislative environment.


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