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QBSW as an expert supervisor for SEPA Conference

SEPA introduction to Slovakia – are we ready?


The special conference titled “SEPA introduction to Slovakia – are we ready? ” dealing with SEPA issues held under the patronage of the Hospodárské noviny (Slovak newspapers) and the publishing company Ecopress took place on 01.10.2013 in Bratislava Hotel Lindner. QBSW, that encompassed the Conference at the professional level, was represented by its two SEPA experts presentations.

The topic “Inter-bank communication - uniformly conducted by ISO 20022 " was presented by Ing. Jaroslav Zajac, QBSW senior consultant of SEPA. In this entry he presented the initial framework for SEPA implementation - international guidelines ISO 20022, which defines unified interbank transfers of financial reports and analyzes its impact on communication within banking institutions involved in the SEPA area.

Another presenter of QBSW Ing. Marcel Marko who was talking about the actual payment orders and outlined the opportunities and possibilities of their use in the future in the form of universal payment orders under the topic “Universal payment order, reality or far future?".

Except of QBSW representatives, there were introduced other speakers and specialists who brought entries to SEPA issues from the perspective of state institutions, commercial banks and companies involved in developing software products for the banking sector.

Ing. Martin Hrnko, MBA , CEO of QBSW, commented for Hospodárske noviny (Slovak newspapers) about SEPA topic: " The introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area as a fundamental change in the running of the interbank communication means the implementation of large-scale changes in the information systems of financial institutions - particularly banks. Equally, it also affects the large business companies that handle large amounts of payments or a substantial number of receipts from their clients." He noted that implementation of SEPA is a several years lasting project, which needs not small financial expenditures.*

More up to date information related to SEPA issues, which was presented at the conference, can be found http://konferencie.hnonline.sk/podujatia/196_zavedenie-sepa-na-slovensku-sme-pripravenihere ... >>>

What is SEPA?

The SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers realized in euro currency. The project's aim is to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments and turn the fragmented national markets for euro payments into a single domestic one.


QBSW has many years’ experience in the implementation and maintenance of large-scale bank information systems. SEPA area was identified as an important part of our knowledge base and experiences whichare necessary for successful running of banking systems. All these experiences are successfully applied in the preparation of The Information System of the National Treasury to enter the SEPA.

*Prepared according to the article "Kľúčový projekt Európy stál naše banky milióny", which is available on the website of Hospodárske noviny.

In order to get more information or you are one of banks that would appreciate our services in preparation for the entry into the SEPA, please contact us at sepa@qbsw.sk.


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