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The Treasury has overall responsibility for controlling the collection and release of financial funds, of monitoring budget implementation progress and for managing the government’s cash resources.

Employees of the Treasury examine this responsibility through many different tasks. Software solutions help MoF Treasury to increase accountability and transparency of these tasks, and on the other hand, make them more efficient. 

Software solutions help to automate mainly these tasks:

  • Accounting (manual booking), Accounting Control, Fixed Asset management
  • Budget Review and Fiscal Reporting
  • Budget Authority Tasks
    • Loading budget, Apportionment and allotment of approved budget
    • Entering initial quotas (warrants)
    • Approving appropriation transfers/virements
  • Budget Execution Tasks
    • Payment approvals and rules setting and prioritization
    • Monitoring TSA
    • Maintenance of beneficiary registers
  • Treasury tasks
    • Cash, debt management, and Financial assets management
    • Administration of foreign grants and international aid
    • Management of government banks accounts
    • Financial planning and forecasting of cash flows

Moreover, these are other tasks that can be helpful and automated:

  • Beginning/End of Year procedures
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reconciliations and postings
  • IT operations and support
  • Security administration
  • Publicizing information about budget and its execution
  • End User Help Desk Tasks

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