Mission and goals

State Treasury Solutions are aimed at all governments looking for public finance optimization, support of financial policy targets, and minimization of debt service costs. Moreover, these information systems are intended to help governments achieve the main elements of good governance: accountability, participation, predictability and transparency.

Our mission and goals

  • Creating of new computerized information system complexly supporting management of public finances customized and adapted to all client-specific conditions, processes and habits.
  • Implementing an integrated IT solution for the Treasury department
    • based on modern technologies,
    • in line with relevant international standards and best practices,
    • with the objective of an optimal and efficient management of the consolidated state financial resources on the Treasury Single Account.

  • Enhancing, modernizing and functionally integrating the accounting, budget execution and payment systems as well as the setting up of a sophisticated financial planning and forecasting function that will enable proactive cash management (both short and medium term based) on expected cash outflows and ensure permanent liquidity of the State.
  • Enabling all budget agencies direct electronic on-line access to the budget execution system, allowing decentralization and democratization of control over budget execution, obsolescing paper based communication, while improving transparency, accountability, process control and audit.
  • Providing support of a treasury, debt, reserve and liquidity management solution to prepare for a more effective and efficient debt management through an integrated IT system in conformity with international best practices and standards in place.

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