These are the government’s challenges in public finance management we are observing nowadays:

  • Necessity of complex public finance management.
  • Improvement of information quality for budgetary processes.
  • More transparency in all areas of expenditure allocation and revenues collection.
  • Establishment of effective payment system and streamlining payments.
  • Monitoring collection processes and improving management of government revenues.
  • Providing accurate and timely information for decision making, reporting, and accountability.
  • Being compliant with international standards for government accounting, reporting and auditing.
  • Finding solutions for missing efficiency in planning and forecsting of state liquidity.
  • Providing liquidity of government at minimal cost.


We understand public finance management challenges that governments are facing nowadays. Information system solutions complexly solving governments' needs concerning the public finance management are responses of QBSW and its partners to these challenges. Design of our information systems allows us to be very flexible in addressing all your standard and non-standard processes for good governance of public finances. We are also committed to provide professional services to make these these processes more efficient and improve them continuously. QBSW itself provides software solutions for budget preparation and execution, management of government's bank accounts, execution of payments, and financial forecasting. All of our solutions are compliant with international standards.

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