Why to choose us as a partner for building information systems for public financial management?

Main benefits for a client using the State Treasury Solutions implemented by QBSW and its partners

  • Government has immediate overview of state finances i.e. balance of TSA and revenues and expenditures of all state organizations using the State Treasury information system.
  • Government makes further step towards good governance - accountability, participation, predictability and transparency of its activities.
  • All the relevant processes are streamlined, faster and more efficient.
  • Fully computerized support for public financial management and management of cash, debt and investment of short-term surpluses of the public sector.
  • Easy integration with other internal and external information systems.
  • Modular information system customizable to meet our clients’ individual requirements offering flexibility in its future development.
  • High performing and secure information systems based on modern, secure and proven technologies - mainly Oracle and J2EE.
  • Proven financial management information system compatible with international standards having strong references in the Slovak Republic and the East European countries.




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