Apportionment, Allotment and Within-year Adjustments

Automate budget distribution - make budget allotment, apportionment and adjustments more reliable and efficient.

Apportionment, Allotment and Within-year Adjustments importance

Preparation of the State Budget, its apportionment among the Spending and Collecting agencies and consistent control of drawing these limited public resources are necessary assumptions for minimization of financial costs related to budget execution and cash and debt management processes.

For today’s public sector, it is critical to be capable of producing extensively detailed and accurate budgets. The Budget Preparation activities should be flexible, detailed and accurate to support all complex budgeting processes and involving all relevant agencies.

Current challenges

  • Being compatible with international standards and practices
  • Reducing paperwork and streamline the budgeting processes
  • Apportioning approved budget for ministries, broken down to the detailed level of economic classifications and apportioned over time
  • Allotment of funds to spending agencies and their subordinate agencies
  • Providing the central Treasury and all budgetary agencies with mechanisms for flexible adjustments of existing budgets within the budget year
  • Providing effective channels for above mentioned processes communication and creating automated controls of these processes.
  • Close integration of budget preparation with execution of the budget

Solutions for this process


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